Download Spotify Premium APK v8.10.9.722 (Fully Unlocked)

Spotify Premium APK

June 15, 2024


Listen to a song reflecting your current mood; music supports emotions and relieves stress. Whether it’s happiness or sadness, let the music guide you. Craving heartfelt beats or a blockbuster hit? Spotify Premium Apk has it all, offering unrestricted access to your favorite tracks. Enjoy instant exploration of music libraries and personalized recommendations at your fingertips.

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Spotify Premium APK


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Listen to a song reflecting your current mood; music supports emotions and relieves stress. Whether it’s happiness or sadness, let the music guide you. Craving heartfelt beats or a blockbuster hit? Spotify Premium Apk has it all, offering unrestricted access to your favorite tracks. Enjoy instant exploration of music libraries and personalized recommendations at your fingertips.

What Is Spotify Apk?

Spotify premium apk is a digital music-streaming platform, where you can listen to unlimited songs. The application is not limited to just songs; you can also play audiobooks and podcasts. This way, you can listen to diverse stories while lying on the couch. The application features an interactive interface, smooth navigation, and intuitive menus. You can access the custom playlists and already-organized music albums. 

Spotify lets you engage with your family and friends and suggests sharing your playlist with your loved ones. As a result, you can communicate with and share your music tastes with your friends at any time. Look for everything; if you need assistance, you can browse whatever you want with the built-in browser. You can also apply different filters, including Hip-Hop, Romance, Love, Discover, K-PoP, Gaming, Workout, Trending, and More. 

Spotify APK Trailer

You can search the content by referencing artists, songs, and podcasts’ names. You will significantly appraise the built-in audio player, which can play songs in different formats. Of course, there will be no restrictions while streaming the best song. When you are in the audio player mode, you can check the metadata, song release date, singer name, and more information. You can also share the song directly while listening to it after tapping the share button. 

What Is Spotify Premium Apk?

Spotify is the best music application, but you can face several in-app constraints while using the basic version. What is the difference between basic and premium mode? Spotify offers two main modes: free and paid. The free version gives you limited access to the songs, albums, playlist creation, podcasts, and audiobooks. You cannot even listen to any audiobook from famous and new writers in the free version. 

Additionally, the free mode requires you to download the application from the Google Play Store and connect your smartphone with a stable Internet connection. Sorry, you cannot stream anything from the basic Spotify application if you have no internet. Another limitation of the free version is you will have to compromise on the audio quality. Always listen to Healthier, which forces you to purchase the monthly Spotify subscription plan. s

What is Spotify premium  apk?

Buying a subscription plan is not everyone’s cup of tea. Therefore, we are here with another solution, which opens the premium version without any subscription charges. Download the Spotify Premium Apk, which replicates all the paid features for free. So, listen to everything offline and download the music in your phone’s gallery. You can also personalize the playlists and listening order. The Spotify Modded Apk boosts user experience with no ads at all. 

Main Features Of Spotify Premium APK

Simple and Attractive Interface 

People like the black theme and vibrant color combination, which engages everyone according to their requirements. Spotify stores the content in diverse categories and you can target all the genres using a search index. When you use the browser version, the application shows you a side panel where you can go to the home page and search for the required songs. You can also create a custom playlist that fits your taste with a few taps. 

Multiple Categories 

You can find everything in their sections. For instance, if you wish to listen to a sad song, you can search the sad category on the search index. Likewise, Spotify allows you to access the Pop, Hip-Hop, Soul, Disco, Funk, Classical, Latin, Jazz, Blues, Rock, and much more. Like songs, you can also experience informative content in genres, such as Popular Album, Popular Artists, Popular Radio, Catchy Charts, and Playlists. 

Search By Artists’ Names 

Everyone has their favourite singers from different countries. However, Bollywood is famous for its wide range of music beats, songs, soundtracks, and other musical content. Finding a top song from a famous singer is now easy with Spotify because you can check all the singers and their songs from the main interface. You can listen to Pritam, Arijit Singh, Shreya Ghoshal, Alka Yagnik, A.R.Rehman, Vishal Mishra, and more. You can the same feature in spotify++ ipa for ios, which is also available for you to download!

Music Albums 

Everyone wants to listen to the new releases to update their interest. Therefore, the application permits you to listen to all the songs from the blockbuster movies. Indeed, everyone knows about the Animal Movie from Bollywood, and people want to access its music tracks. For this reason, Spotify currently ranks all the songs from the Animal movie to fulfill all users’ needs. Similarly, many other albums also meet your request. 


It does not matter whether you use Spotify’s browser version or download the application on Android or IOS. Everything will be the same on different music content platforms. The major difference you will notice is the different appearance. As you get the side panel in Spotify where you open the browser version, the Android-based application makes the side panel a bottom panel on your smartphone. 

Podcasts and Radio Channels 

Spotify is famous for its diverse content. If you are not in the mood to listen to music, you can also hear other content, including books, radio, and podcasts. As previously discussed, you will get every content in the respective category; similarly, you can find the latest Podcasts from India, Pakistan, the United States, etc. This way, you can update your knowledge about the famous personalities. 

Create and Export the Playlist

Spotify provides the feeling of a personal app because everyone can operate it according to their requirements. The application lets you create a personal playlist to store your favourite songs. You can create and update the playlist anytime while lying on the bed, travelling to different cities, and working out in the gym. The twist is you can share the playlist with your friends to let them know how much you are catchy about the songs’ selection. 

Top Mod Features Of Spotify Premium Apk

Unlocked All Content 

The huge difference between the basic and paid version of Spotify is the density of content. The free version limits you to access and play specific songs, podcasts, and audiobooks. You cannot even open the basic audiobooks.  For this reason, the Spotify Premium Apk enters the game and opens everything without restriction. You can open all the genres and explore the new ultimate mixes of songs.

No Ads 

Streaming music with messy and irritating ads is always the best experience. Indeed, the frequent commercials and pop-up messages break the momentum and lessen your interest in the music application. Therefore, Spotify Premium Apk eliminates all of Spotify’s restrictive content. As a result, you can listen to your favourites without skipping the ads and notifications, which always stop the song from undergoing flow. 

Unlimited Selection 

You can access all the songs and albums at any time. The Spotify Premium Apk opens everything no matter if it belongs to the basic version or the pro mode. Mainly, when you try to access the new song in the free version, the application requires you to purchase the paid plus premium plan. You must pay money to get the premium credentials to log in to the premium Spotify version. However, the Spotify Premium Mod Apk stops you from purchasing a costly subscription plan because everything is open and free in it. 

Premium Audio Quality

Feeling sound distortion while listening to the song seems irritating. This way, you cannot understand the lyrics and stream the required audio quality. You must bear the poor audio quality if you use the free version. Nevertheless, upgrade your listening experience with the Spotify Mod Apk Downloading. The latest mod version enhances the audio quality and forces you to uplift every song quality automatically. 

Unlimited Shuffle 

The official Spotify application limits you from shuffling the songs according to your intentions. You can shuffle songs but with a limit. On the other hand, the Spotify Premium app does not follow any restrictions or limits, and you can access the modded functionality and unlimited shuffle. Namely, you can select any song from any album because the modded app is best for personalizing your experience. 

Premium Storyline Mode 

Grabbing everyone’s attention on the platform is challenging, but not for Spotify. The application understands the human physique and crafts the features accordingly. Another example of which upgrades the user experience is a Storyline mode. The Spotify Free Premium Apk enables narratives to let you feel the music with synchronized lyrics, artist details, and other information.

Block Permissions 

You know about the traditional permissions when you start any application. Similarly, Spotify also requires frequent permissions, which drains your smartphone battery. On the other hand, people also find it uncomfortable to always agree to all the terms, conditions, and permissions. Accordingly, the Spotify Premium Apk allows you to block all the permissions when you are active on the application for an unintrusive experience. 

Offline Viewing 

You can listen to multiple songs online using the free app version. You must connect the application with a stable internet connection to prevent buffering issues. However, no one has internet all the time. Therefore, you can trust the Spotify Premium Apk, which allows you to download unlimited songs and stream them offline at your flexible hours. Similarly, you can download podcasts and books. 

Requirements For Downloading Spotify Premium Apk

The downloading of Spotify requires iOS 14 or above, Android 5.0 or above, Mac OS X 10.15 or above, and Windows 10 or above. Spotify supports multiple web browsers, including Safari, Chrome, Edge, Opera, and Firefox. 

You can also use the Spotify application with a wireless connection, such as Chromecast, Google Assistant, Apple AirPlay, Bluetooth, and Alexa. Likewise, some car models, TVs, smartwatches, and game consoles also support Spotify. 

Is Spotify Premium APK Not Working?

There can be several reasons behind the inactivity of Spotify Premium on your Android or iOS devices. If you are facing such an issue, you must follow the instructions given below. 

  • If the Spotify Premium is not working on your phone, uninstall the official or original app from your device.
  • Download the Spotify Mod Apk on your phone.
  • Go to the phone’s settings and access the default apps, where you can remove the cache files or force-stop the Spotify app to experience modded features without any restrictions.

How To Download And Install Spotify Premium Apk?

For Android

  • Visit the web browser and type the keyword “Spotify Premium Apk”
  • You will get results; so choose the trustworthy website. 
  • Open the site and check the latest Spotify Premium version and its compatibility with your Android. 
  • Tap on the link and start downloading the file.
  • Once done, access the phone’s security setting and enable the “Unknown Sources”.
  • Locate the downloaded file in your phone storage and tap on it. 
  • The installation process will begin.
  • Say yes to all terms and conditions.
  • Wait until you get the window with a “Finish” button. 
How to Install Spotify Premium APK

For iOS

  • First, uninstall the original Spotify from your iPhone. 
  • You can check for the Spotify Premium Free iOS version on the web browser.
  • You can try different keywords to download the Spotify Cracked Apk for iPhone.
  • Once you get the right website; click on the downloadable link. 
  • Your phone will restrict you from downloading the application. 
  • Enable all the permissions and smooth the downloading and installation process. 
  • After downloading, access the file and install it. 

For PC (Using Android Emulator)

  • Download the BlueStack Emulator from its official website.
  • Open the Android emulator and access the web browser. 
  • Search for the “Spotify Hack Version” 
  • If you are satisfied with the website, download the setup. 
  • Access the setup from the downloaded folder.
  • Tap on the file and install it to enjoy premium music streaming.
Infrographic showing how to Install Spotify Premium
How to Install Spotify Premium


  • Simple Interface 
  • Unlimited Skips
  • No Rooting
  • Ads-Free Experiences
  • Unlocked Audio Books
  • Personalized Music Albums and Playlists


  • DRM Constraints.
  • Internet Dependency.

What’s New In Spotify Premium Apk?

  • Shuffling Songs in the Playlists
  • Artists’ Interaction with Concertgoers
  • Shop Artists’ Merch

How Can You Bypass The Login Problem On Spotify Premium?

Spotify App access is not available in different countries, but it does not mean that you cannot enjoy the music to its fullest. You can easily bypass the log in issue.

  • Tap on the settings icon on your Android phone. 
  • Look for the apps, locate Spotify, and double-click on it. 
  • Click on the storage tab and clear the cache. 
  • A window will appear; click on the Delete button. 
  • Download and install the required or compatible VPN on your phone. 
  • Select the location from the country list on the VPN. 
  • Install Spotify and log in to the account.
  • Turn off the VPN.

Alternatives Of Spotify Premium Apk

Youtube Music 

Stream everything, from drama OSTs to short videos, remixes to single performances, songs to podcasts, and more. You can purchase the premium plan according to your requirements to eliminate all the restrictions while accessing in-app content. 


Like Spotify Premium Apk, Pandora also lets you stream music and podcasts. The application also allows you to look for new artists and new voices from a separate in-app section. Simply, the app covers content from all music industries. 

Amazon Music

Access all the music hits with Amazon Music, which is available in two modes, free version with limited and premium mode with unlocked paid features. Amazon Music divides the content into two categories, music libraries and podcasts. 


Deezer features musical content from different countries, but you cannot use the application all over the world. Indeed, Deezer has some accessing restrictions for some countries. However, the app provides unlimited songs with quality audio.


SoundCloud is an online music streaming application, which engages you with a massive community of singers, DJs, music tracks, bands, podcasts, and more. You can explore trending playlists to upgrade your experience. 

You can also check the spotify vanced apk for enjoying unlimited music streams for free!

Frequently Asked Questions

Spotify is a music streaming platform, where you can listen to unlimited songs and play audiobooks and podcasts.

Spotify offers free and premium modes with different experiences. Thus, Spotify Premium is a modded version that lets you engage with paid content for free. 

Spotify Premium is always better than the free version because the mod replicates all the premium features without any subscription plan, including quality audio, offline access, free downloading, and more.

You can download the Spotify Premium version from the browser. Different third-party applications claim the authentication and secure appearance of Spotify Premium. 

The Spotify Mod is completely free with all prime features. You can download the modded app easily on your Android and iOS. 

Spotify Premium is safe to install because it does not involve errors or malicious codes. 

The Spotify Premium unlocks everything, from songs to books, podcasts to radio channels, and other premium stuff. 

Final Verdict 

Spotify is more than just a music application because you can stream diverse content in different languages. The application lets you stream songs from around the world. You can listen to Lollywood,  Bollywood, and Hollywood content on the same platforms. The application updates the content regularly when the latest music tracks enter the industry. You can also personalize your experience with the Spotify Premium Apk, which lets you experience the paid features, controls, books, podcasts, and unlimited songs.