What Is Spotify Taste Profile And How To Remove Music From It?

Everyone needs a friend that truly understands our emotions. Spotify, the best music platform, fills this purpose perfectly as it understands our musical side through the Spotify Taste Profile feature. As the perfect musical companion, Spotify uses this information to recommend songs that really hit the spot. 

However, sharing your accounts to your family members can lead to inaccurate recommendations as your profile becomes distorted with genres you don’t prefer. Fortunately there’s a solution for that as you can simply remove unwanted albums, playlists and songs with our simple guide. Without further ado, let’s get started with sorting your taste profile, one step at a time! 

Quick Answer: Open the Spotify app on your device, go to Your Library>Like Songs>Remove from Like Songs>Clear Cache to change your taste profile

Spotify Taste Profile

What Is The Spotify Taste Profile?

The Spotify Taste Profile, a newly added feature, records your music preferences to give you similar content. It uses artificial intelligence, and machine learning algorithms to determine how many times you repeat a song, what part of a song you skip, and which kinds of tracks you don’t listen to. 

Spotify, using this information, is then able to recommend songs with the highest probability of you liking them. So, the times when you got the perfect hit to jam were never accidental; they were all recommended to you on purpose!  Turn every music session into  a perfectly orchestrated symphony designed just for you with Spotify Taste Profile!

How To Remove Music From Spotify Taste Profile?

Nothing’s a bigger buzzkill than having to listen to a song that doesn’t match your vibe. You don’t have to worry about hearing those pesky tunes again by following these simple methods to remove unwanted music: 

For Mobile App

  1. Open the Spotify app on your  device.
  2. Click the Your Library button at bottom right.
  3.  Click the Liked Songs or the playlist where the unwanted song is located.
  4.   Click the right next to the song title and tap on Remove from Like Songs or Remove from Playlist
  5. Go back to the Home section to press Settings (gear icon).o “Home,” tap the settings icon 
  6. Tap the Clear Cache button to remove the song data 

For Desktop

  1.  Open the Spotify Desktop app on your computer.
  2. Right click on the Your Library in the app’s sidebar at left.
  3. Click on Liked Songs or just open the playlist.
  4. Remove the song or playlist by either clicking Remove from Like Songs or Remove from Playlists after pressing menu. 

FAQs-Frequently Asked Questions

It means that song you selected will vanish from your taste profile and will also not be shown in Spotify Wrapped. Also, you won’t get recommendations similar to the removed song. 

Open the Spotify app on your device, go to Your Library>Like Songs>Remove from Like Songs>Clear Cache to change your taste profile. 

Spotify uses your listening habits, such as genres, artists, and saved songs, to build your taste profile and personalize suggestions.

No, Spotify does not disclose taste profile information. It is used purely to improve your listening experience. 

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